28 June 2007

EXODUS3000:A Game for Earning

Upgrade, attack, defend, form alliances, and earn real cash and win prizes.

This is note on this gaming site. I think most of u have got it. For those who didn't I'll tell u in the simple words.
This is an strategy game where you are supposed to be in Mars.When you sign up and enter the game you will see Homebase with the four directions N, E,S and W. When you click on these you'll enter another zone like Volcano,where it's written mine the volcano.When you click on mine this volcano you'll earn Mars dollars in short MDs. With these you can upgrade your defense,Weopons,scouts,security and even radar. Similarly,there are zones like Ruins,Craters,Plains,etc.Most important the payouts.You can sell your MDs for $ according to the payouts.That's secondary I suppose. Newly upgraded cards even add to the exitement. So what are you waiting for? Come join us
Enjoy,Play and Earn.

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